What Hope?

Well it seems to me, and i’m no political commentator by any stretch, however it’s pretty clear from walking around with ones eyes and ears open and receptive to light and sound that in fact our country is fucked. You know when you put the bins out on a sunday night, the bin men come on the monday morning either too early or after you’ve gone to work, and then when you get back you have to put the bin back in the bin area, next to the other bin. And as you’re putting the bin back after you’ve just got out of your car from work and so there’s probably a few crisp packets and or bottles bouncing around the footwell, so you scoop them up in one hand, laptop in the other and open the emptied bin to chuck the stuff in. And once you drop the rubbish into the empty bin, and the security light might have come on, and you look down into the bin, and theres a load of stuff stuck to the sides and bottom; needs jet washing off, that’s Britain now that is. A dirty empty wheelie bin, full of festering air, at the moment its cold because new houses haven’t been built with solar power as standard. The NHS is on its knees, the Care system is on its knees, the Roads are full of holes, tax is rocketing but we still don’t have street lights (don’t get me wrong I like the dark, but its a principal) Tory politicians are lying and deceitful, with little care for us; merely an imposition they have to endure whilst they build their bank balances. The assylum system is painted out to be generous “we want you to come” but the visa application is prohibitively difficult and so desperate people, are forced to take a dinghy accross the channel or huddle in a freezer lorry. Everyone else in Europe has waived the need for Ukrainians to apply for visas initially, opting instead to get them into their country safe and sound and then process them once they are settled. We are worried about terrorists, these folk are desparate, and contrary to what Putin believes they are not Nazis, we’ve got enough of them here anyway, we’ed do better concentrating on weeding those slimes out before kicking out people who could benefit our country and who we could help, they just want to get home ultimately.

We’ve sold off all the utilities, the railways, the post office over decades and we are in a privatised state, the NHS will be next, as a result the private companies providing my water just want to make profits for their shareholders and fuck the customers, fuck the fish, fuck the  sea lions, as they knowingly and legally pump gallons of putrid sewage into our rivers, My MP, the idiot Harriet Baldwin, voted against a bill to clean up the rivers by stopping the water companies discharging shite into the rivers, she lives in the Teme vally, backing onto the Teme and yet she voted to throw sewage into the Teme, tank about shitting in your own back yard. But this is my point for what its worth, i believe that the Tory party have fucked this country so much that when they lose the election and get kicked out as they will, in the next election, the party taking over which I imagine will be Labour or some sort of Labour, Lib Dems, Green coalition, will be left with the burnt out wreck of a once pretty cool nation.

To fix this nation and i’ll have to syncopate, is going to be an almighty task, one that needs a wholesale change, probably bigger taxes for kick off, taxing the richer, which will go down like a lead balloon with the mega rich, the media moguls, the whispering voices in the shady corridors of power, and the sad thing is, the racist bigoted right wing will rise again, rear its gnarly head and say that Labour are the party of tax rises and how can this be allowed to happen, and the Tories will get voted in again to plunder the spoils of whatever recovery has been made in the intervening years. 

Thats what i reckon, and it makes me sad to see we are the sick man on the outskirts of Europe looking in.

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