Business Meeting

It seems a life time ago since I had the worst boss in the world who, when he introduced himself, said to me and A, that:

“He wasn’t here to make friends” and “He would upset quite a few people in the group”

We nearly choked on our coffee and spent the next 2 hours trying to concentrate, nod in the correct places and avoiding eye contact with each other. Thank fuck he was promoted and sent down to HQ. He still exists in the middle management semolina, his residue festering in the shadows, a reminder his presence, but far enough removed from us to constitute a negligible threat. But he still remains a diabolical nightmare, for some more than others.

We’ve got a new Boss now, he was one of us, and is not in the habit of accepting everything emanating from the mouths of the senior management team, on high, the ones in the fake ivory towers, believing their own hype, there’s a word for that, G told me once. Anyway the company is going through changes, an evolution of sorts, or at least that’s what they tell us, and yet when we tune in fortnightly to the teams meeting update on how its going, the same nonsense comes through, a new operating system is coming, soon, with training in 6 weeks and all they can offer us is some ersatz artists impressions of wht its going to look like, now call me a cynic, but I’d say that is they can’t show us how the system is working practically then I’d assume correctly, that the system isn’t working practically. My new Boss guffawed at that and said,

“Yep its all a load of bollocks isn’t it?”

So it’s always reassuring to know that rather than having to prepare for the new Operating System sometime in the near future, we can probably all rest easy until they can show us the system working practically and in real time. So I can concentrate on the trivialities of life like collecting records, cataloguing records and playing records (the second of which may never happen, the stars need to align). So today the meeting went well, with us all scoffing at the state of the company, a once great company, whose name cannot be revealed until I leave, so please don’t ask, lifespan’s too short and refusal may cause needless offence. And above all its great to know your boss is on your side, he may not last long, the ones who question things never do, similar to Putin’s regime they are either killed of or moved on, I’m hoping he isn’t killed but I suspect he’ll probably get moved on, but until then we’ll drink the delicious waters from the fountain of certain uncertainty. 

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