Sometimes, No many times, lately, I find myself unable to listen to the radio or to watch the news. Similar to times when Trump was bastardising every moral judgement and ripping apart the rules of decency and ethics in the name of preserving himself and his buddies riches. A real nasty bastard, no redeeming features and the ability to shout louder than the rest of them, voted in by the racist homophobic bigoted morons who lapped up his rhetoric like cats clearing the cream from a saucer laced with permanent poison. Similarly today I watched a good few clips on Twitter, 2 minutes 20 seconds of Michael Gove pulling faces and trying out actions and accents; Scouse, American to try and explain whatever the hell the Tories are trying to defend today.  Everyday is different, but every action made by this appalling bunch of the worst types of human, the scrapings from the bottom of a barrel of the worst type of entitled pricks, talking down to us, patronising us, their snakelike bullshit creativity seems to know no bounds, nothing is out of bounds or off limits, Cheering and joking at the opening of another food bank; proud to be serving the community, eagerly snatching up the photo op to cut the ribbon, secretly chuckling in plain sight, as the community strives to feed the poorest in the community, not the government, they, like Trump are feeding the public lies with seemingly no recourse for corrective action, and filling their pockets with the worst kind of bounty. 

We lie to you and fuck you, we’ve got bulging trousers, full of £50 notes, and we don’t care a fig about you, and if we speak slowly, whilst gesticulating with our hands it gives us the air of authority. When is there going to be some real direct action against these people? I believe social media gives us the platform to be as shouty as we like to whomever we like but theres nothing like marching through the streets to get your point accross, and the government understands this. Social Media is yesterdays papers within 10 minutes of Tweeting so and no one wants them, according to the Stones anyway. 

So avoid the telly and radio, listen to some tunes or some podcasts and let it wash over you, and that is exactly what they want. What a terrible place to be living right now.

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