May Spending

Keen readers of this nonsense will realise that i haven’t been particularly active of late. The Month of May, in my mind was to be a month of writing and getting stuff done in my head, some reordering if you like, alphabetiscising my thoughts and trying to get back into the swing of writing every day. This hasn’t happened due to a) work  getting in the way and b) loads of maintenance being done to the house, so there’s more exciting things to look at.

When we moved here we extended out mortgage so we could afford to install solar panels, to ultimately cut our electricity costs. Folk say that the solar panels will pay for them selves in 10 years or so, which to my mind doesn’t really cut the mustard. We have installed solar panels because we think it is the right thing to do, doing our bit, I guess. Will it make a huge difference? Probably not, but individual changes probably can collectively make some sort of difference. Plus I’m hoping the summer will be long and hot and thus save us money and allow me to spend the excess on circular discs of vinyl. Last week we had our driveway block paved coincidentally just after my new company car arrived; an electronic Ford Mustang Mach E, fast  like stones falling off a bridge, and dangerous in the wrong hands. Now I’m not a lover of cars particularly, but I need one for my job, and so when I ordered it I didn’t go to look at one, the adverts on the telly were always too abstract for me to realise what they were about before they were over, like all perfume adverts, and so when it arrived on Monday Morning it was a lovely surprise. But so much to get to grips with, theres an enormous iPad type creature in the centre which provides all the information I need to drive and customise the thing, 3 different driving modes, whisper (a sedate ride) up to Full mentalistic (not the actual name, too much to think about) which is a thunderous ride sticking to the roads while barreling down the Teme Valley, and I’m old enough to realise that I probably shouldn’t be barreling down the Teme Valley so fast these days, due to being caught speeding twice in a week a few months ago. So yes its nice to have a new thing, something I would never hope to own, were I not given a company car for work. I’ll have this one for 4 years I’d guess and then one more and i’ll retire. So 2 more work cars before I can go, and hopefully about 3 or 4 more tumble dryers before I die. The white goods countdown to death, is the growing old version of how many sleeps before we go on holiday , which is about 90 by my calculation now, Turkey again. 

So in a few weeks the money will be gone, and we can get back to the realisation that we haven’t won the lottery and so belts will have to be tightened again. Thinking about it, I think if I had won the lottery block paving the driveway wouldn’t have been as high up on the list, as say, buying private island and building a Bond Villain lair, which I can fly to in a golden helicopter. But instead of that when I open the Mustang at night, a projection of a Mustang is lit up on the pavement below the car doors! When my daughter shouted at me to come and look on Monday Night after going for a drive I thought someone had vomited on the side of my new car!


  1. Bella – re your solar panels. Did you know a study in Holand said those choosing renewable heating – yes thats your pannels et all, it makes them feel warmer- so reducing their use of power even more?
    well done you all as a family

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