Anger Issues

Now what I believe should happen and what actually will happen are many and plentiful different things. But playmates, if youve been floowing this third rate soap opera of a governance, you would have come to know and respect Mr Johnson and his army of both male and female weasels as being the most untrustworthy, self serving, evil corrupt mother selling back of curdled custard bastards this country has ever known to hold office and steer the parliamentary ship further and further into decrepitude and bankruptcy while gilding their cloven hooves as the trample all over the unworthy.

 But maybe there is a chink of light. After denying everything until it can not be denied any more and then neither taking any sort of responsibility while sneering contemptuously at us through the tv camera, our mop headed cock womble of a leader has finally been caught on camera holding court at a Downing Street Party in November when the general public froze holding their hands up to the care home windows as their parents slowly breathed their last breath. So how can a photograph, time and date stamped be ignored or cast doubt over? Surely this is the final chance, I don’t see how Mr Johnson can possibly remain poker faced and build an impenetrable wall of inscrutability around himself, and by the same token I wonder which poor MP is going to be sent onto Breakfast TV or Radio to truly defend the indefensible with mealy mouthed platitudes tumbling incoherently from their bawdy gobs as the country’s democratic system crumbles before our eyes as London Burns in the flames of hated fed by the cruel oxygen of untruths.

I really hope this government is kicked out and I do wish ill fortune on all of the “Gang” who defended Johnson to the hilt throughout this shambles of a wretched period of time. I genuinely hope they are held to account, I hope they taste prison, I hope they loose their riches and I hope they are ridiculed in front of the population like the fools they took us for.

And thats why you must call the number above if you, like me, are suffering from Anger issues


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