Friday Fictioneers: Liar, Liar

Been away, from my laptop, much stuff going on at home, so it’s been tricky to get involved but great to see Rochelle still holding the fort, and all the Fictioneers participating to the max. So I’ll have a look, and put Bagpuss’ thinking cap on.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Boris, trying to tap into the pineapple market; no licence, no papers. 

The police had come and spoken to him at length as he was unloading the fruit from the boot of the little blue car 

“What Pineapples?”

“I will not be selling Pineapples”

“No, I have never sold nor have I ever attempted to sell Pineapples”

“Sometimes it is the right thing to do to swap pineapples for coins”

“I am deeply humbled you  compare me to the great pineapple sellers of old”

“Lessons have been learnt”

The police left, scratching their heads.

“Fucking idiots” mumbled Boris, sneering back at them.

There we are 100 words about a man definitely not selling pineapples in plain sight, and definitely nothing to do with our wretched leader.


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