I saw this word as part of a sentence on the outside of a flooring shop in Worcester, I took a photo of the surrounding words too but have since decided that no further context is required. But just to add some context I will not be asking to speak to their knowledgeable Floorologists when I hope to lay a floor, the next floor we get will probably be a carpet and there was an absence of Carpetologists at this shop. We are waiting at home now for a Decoratologist to sort out our HS&L, he was meant to come today but I believe he was called out to an emergency caulking job as the Caulkologist was isolating with Covid he caught in a Carpentology lecture which he attended for shits and giggles.

Fucksake, what is wrong with the world right now? I best get to bed, Survology doesn’t get done on no sleep you know.

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