Brexit Gibbeted.

I’m finding it particularly hard to come up for excuses why I haven’t written a FF regularly for months, and its probably because the moue hasn’t taken me there, so I’m blaming the muse, which is a pathetic excuse i’m sure you’ll agree Rochelle. Anyway, as i lie in my childhood bedroom, with the diagonal striped red, grey, white and black curtains, surfs on the bookshelf, I’ve thought of something particularly villainous, so bear with me.

This week Lisa Fox provided the photo, so lets go, before I forget…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


The Minister for Brexit Oportunities so enthused over the resumption of capital punishment and the reintroduction of Gibbetting that when it was finally proved he was a massive fraud, an extra long thin cage was forged by Piggy Smith.

“Make it like a pencil”

As days turned into weeks, from beyond the grave, bits from that wretched minister dropped to the ground and gave nutrients to some really nasty knot-weeds.

Existing windows had to be sealed up, and the prison next door decided against apertures entirely, lightness should be rationed.

A critique on what the hell is happening in front of our very eyes, and its 100 words.


  1. Bill may be Yank, and I relate as a Canuck to having some ignorance to the whole Brexit thing as you live it. We only see it on the outside.
    That said… I can think of more than one politician who deserves a turn in the pencil-thin gibbet…

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  2. I can feel your frustration and anger. We’ve just had a change of government in Australia, and it feels like someone just opened up all the windows and let some light in – to borrow your image. The world needs to open up, not close ranks. Hang in there. I’m in Australia, but born in the UK, so my heart goes out to you all.


    • Yes it’s getting g really bad here, just last night the PM scraped through a vote of no confidence in his leadership; 41% of his own party voted against him and he’s still clinging to power like the proverbial fly to faeces. I hope against judgement that he falls on his sword soon but he won’t, the Tories will gradually implode and all the YTS ministers will never be seen again. It has to get worse before it gets better I think

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  3. I admit I don’t understanding most of that, but the sentiment is universal. Apparently, everybody wants change for the sake of change without consideration to what it actually means or the effect it has on the rest of us.


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