Friday Fictioneers: Cleaning the Filter.

Maybe I’m depressed, maybe the news and the state of things has left me permanently damaged, the whole world is going insane, and yet here we are, a small corner of the multi faceted Internet, out commander in chief, the not completely crazy Rochelle who is here to steer us away from the mercenary leaders of the so called free world. What a shambles! Anyway the aim is to write a story with a beginning a middle and an end in no more than 100 words based on the picture, this week supplied by Bill Reynolds. So I’d best get cracking unless I won’t be able to go out to do my job and the whole arse of a world will fold in on itself.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


The proposed solution to block the puncture in the Ozone to stem the tide of Global Warming using a vast sheet of gossamer thin Graphene was, at first, met with derision. Then disbelief as the sweatshop produced 10,000,000 sq mile sheet was positioned.

Years passed.

The wind blew forth and the wind blew back. Birthdays came and went, and gradually the earth grew imperceptibly darker.

The crops failed.

Starvation and riots, death and smashed windows, under the darkened skies.

In the high atmosphere, the clean-up began, removing dust and party balloons from the Graphene net, and gradually the sun shone once more.

There we are, excuse the science of a man waiting for the postman, but its 100 words on the nose with one hyphenation. Enjoy a tale of hope.


  1. I think you need an extra hyphen! between sweatshop and produced because I was reading this going, whaaaa?
    Then reread it and boom! Excellent take on the sad state of affairs that is our world.

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  2. We do sometimes seem to be living in a time of catastrophes. The ozone hole, many seem to have forgotten about that. I can still see a better future. But it needs a lot of work, and not of the sweat shop type

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  3. I suspect there will be many attempts to control the climate in years to come. The most drastic would be to immediately curb the Earth’s population by 60%,. Just imagine the energy saving, reduced pollution and less greenhouse gases. Let’s hope some fanatical activists doesn’t act on that one. I suspect the damage has already been done as change has been a slow progress until recently when the rate of change is increasing.


    • Uk has a hideous cost of living crisis looming, come the winter there’s going to be serious problems, people are looking at £400/£500 gas and electricity bills per month, how a large amount of people are going to afford these is terrifying


      • 😦 They keep jacking rental rates up and there is nothing to stop them. In places like Phoenix, Arizona, where people from California are running to because of the fires and running out of fresh water, they are jumping it by leaps and bounds because they know CA people will pay it. That means the current AZ people are being driven out of their own homes. Is it because of the Russian monster that gas and electricity is skyrocketing there? I agree with you in wondering how the masses will cope with the overload and insufficient resources to survive in the world as they’ve come to know it…

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      • Putin has something to do with it sure, Germany is really reliant on Russian gas so is going to suffer, but the annual bills have gone up from about £1500 per year to predicted nearly £4000!! It’s mental. People can’t afford and won’t pay, there will be riots and this week I heard public buildings are be open to the public to get warm if they can’t hear their homes. And all the whole the capitalists run their hands, the power companies have posted record profits. The whole thing is F****d (scuse the language)

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      • So their solution is if you’re freezing, go hang out in a library? Unacceptable. I don’t want to be a smartazz but with global warming maybe it won’t be so bad 😦 How the capitalists have bought the silence of the middle class is with the stock market. If you own a few stocks you’ll let the corporations do whatever they want as long as you get your dividends. That’s going to be changing soon, when the middle class is squeezed out and they are still squeezng 😦


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