Feudal, Strike, Acid Flash Back.

Well, I’m sat here procrastinating going out to work, a real time pay cut over the last 10 years and the good will has been pretty much sucked out of me, were it not for the fact that I enjoy doing what I do around Malvern and Herefordshire, with occasional forays into the Forest of Dean (not a euphemism you dirty folks) and Southern Shropshire, then I probably would have knocked it on the head years ago, I’m pretty good at it, i enjoy the act of doing it and if they try to track me I tell them my phone is buggered. Why you’d employ a shitload of “mes” to do what I do is beyond me, but this is why I am a member of my Union, so as my working rights and job are protected, the pays crap, but retirement could be sweet unless I spend it all on heating bills. The vast profits made by the conglomerates controlling our energy, our communications, our travel amongst other things is reporting month on month of the gigantic profits they are making for their shareholders, the workers work harder and unless you’ve got shares then you may as well get fucked, they are the only winners here. Today BT workers are going on Strike, the Railworkers are going on strike, the Doctors and Nurses, the teachers, the fire service, to name a few are also considering and preparing for some industrial action. This Summer going into Autumn could be pretty tricky, but if we don’t strike then what hope have we got?

Feel this is a turning point, there is a lot of public support out there amongst the normal people of this country; not the shareholders, not the 160000 Card Carrying Tory members who will chose our next PM; No the normal ones, the folk who will struggle, fall into debt and die, this winter because they can not afford to pay their energy bills, and the blood will be on the hands of the shareholders, the people who rule and their subscription members who get a sticker and some vitriolic teachings in racism and mysogyny through the post every month. Its interesting and then suddenly worrying when both of the leadershiop candidates for PM chosen by a tiny minority of the population have similar ideas as Hitler had with regards smashing the unions and criminalising strike action. Let that sink in, and the rest of you bean counters and mail reading chuckleheads can fuck off and live on some sort of paradise lost and get your hate out of the fuck out of my country, you wanted Brexit, you voted for it, if only to get one up on those of us who didn’t vote for it. There are no benefits, despite what the leaders tell us. This Britain is being deconstructed like some sort of hideous Heston Bloomenthal Fish supper, the splinters and tatters left by this Tory Government will take a long time to stick together and will need more than a few stanchions to fix the roof.

So believe it or not we are not in some mad Acid dream, the water is polluted, but not that much, not yet, the rivers run brown with shit; a reflection of the veins and arteries of the ruling classes we seem to have found ourselves with, once again this is not some mental Acid flash back from Anjuna 1990, this is real. This government is not my tribe, they are a small minority tribe and would bring back the feudal system if they could, they are knocking down the doors of democracy, changing the locks and installing some frosted safety glass so we can just about make out what is going on, but believe us, the opaqueness is not so, we can see what is happening and I feel the tide is turning, maybe next time I work to rule, like we all did many years ago, there may be more of a reaction, but i’m not holding my breath, ours is but a small cog in a series of big wheels. 

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