Today is our last full day In Akayaka, we spent it spunking a load of unnecessary money at the Cinar Beach Club, in a VIP booth, see previous post from a week or so back. The bargaining over price went a little like this at the entry gate.

Can we come in please, theres 8 of us.

OK we have beds for 200, deluxe beds in the salon for 400 and four poster beds for 600.

Do you have VIP cabanas?

Yes, they are 5000.

What?! We paid 2000 last time we were here a week back.

OK i’ll ask

(He calls his Boss)

OK 2000 is fine.

And that was it, we got in for 3000 less than they originally quoted, which is good but also pretty shitty.

So last full day, tomorrow we go to the waterpark, and there was no disagreement over that from anyone, we love the shabbiness of it all and provided there aren’t too many people there then the whole place won’t smell of piss, the toilets can get a little pungent in the excitement of it all, and so we will be getting on our flight with recently pool drenched bottoms and our luggage weighing slightly more than it might have done. But an 18 days holiday is the new 2 week holiday.

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  1. Ten days is kind of a standard for Americans (of the U.S. sort anyway), but two weeks or eighteen days makes more sense. Your vacation sounds like a blast.


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