Bleak as Fuck: The Politics Stench

Yesterday was a day of sunshine and condensation. Water and warmth tumbled down upon us in varying measures, seeds brought in on the wind and droplets presented to us when the leaves yielded under the weight of liquid, the meniscus giving way under gravity. looking at us, you may think we are not “all that”, we are not particularly worthy of praise or worship. But do not belittle us, we are a body of strength, so powerful, so superlative to anything you have ever seen or encountered before. Latent power, poised to bring down the poxy lot of them. My words mean as much as the Truss Party Speech today, yet my words have and of rhythm to them.

Truss is an awful vomit of vitriol, supported by evil fascistic ramblings of a daughter of an immigrant family who she dreams of sending to Rwanda, amongst others. Send them away, send them away. The cunts.

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