Busy Hypocrite.

The rain came yesterday, I took the decision to drive many many miles away to do my job, my computer doesn’t work out side so many years ago i took the decision to not work in the rain, if my company wont provide me with decent equipment, then I won’t struggle like some sad fuck in the rain to provide them their product. When my last boss, the evil one with the huge chip on his shoulder whom I talked about at length many moons ago in this tirade, he told us we should put the laptop pen in a freezer bag when working in the rain to counteract the effect of the rain on the screen. Flippantly I suggested that a condom would be more suitable due to it being more the length of the pen, I was taken aside for that comment later on in the week, what a cunt, it was a sensible idea. Anyway I drove miles, the rain stopped and I was able to do my job with panoramic far reaching views of the Severn with the two crossings into and out from Wales visible in the distance. On the way home I was pestered by a lady who I had completed a job for around 4 months ago, she had my phone number regrettably and insisted on quizzing me on the minutiae of the job. I had to fain bad reception by speaking in a jittery manner to get her off.

I arrived home, had half a brew, then had to go down to School where a textbook of teachers spoke to us, the parents and them, the kids, about online pornography, the importance of homework, eating well, getting enough sleep and spending time away from your phone, a lot of the parents nodding sagely and thinking when the lecture would end so they could check Insta, get down to the pub for a pint and then home for a crafty wank. Funny how the posters which decorate the school hall walls apply to us responsible adults too. We’ve done our time and so anything goes, not a good example to set to the young ‘uns. Anyway we had to race back because we were due at the Gatekeepers house for dinner. Booze on a school night but hoping for about 4 of our 5 a day to being crammed into the meal. I got a pizza for my boy and told him to lock the front door, we wouldn’t be back late. He at the pizza, we were back late and he locked the front door. I’m sure if anyone ever writes an obituary for me, it’ll probably concentrate on my skill in having “Just one More” 

Paid for it today mind, spent the day slumped in front of the work computer listening to my old iPod on shuffle. IO lit the log burner to heat the house a little and fell asleep on the floor, hence wide awake now, as my body clock slides ever further from where it should be.

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