Manly-Man Stuff = Sore Man

The so called and self sty,ed Steptoe of the Close, namely me, has changed the habit of the last 6 months and finally moved a massive pile of tiles from my front garden. We fitted solar panels, well someone else fitted them and we benefit from them, but the roof tiles remained in a pile, an untidy haphazardly heaped pile, home to massive spiders and creeping weeds. A fucking mess, marking our garden out as being akin to Steptoe’s yard. Anyway, in my defence I can pretend that i’ve had precious little time but dog walks peppered with intermittent trips to the pub has probably hindered my progressions. So I’ve now shifted about 800 double size concrete roof tiles from the front garden to a far neater stack, in fact many stacks against the rear of the garage wall, out of sight and soon to be home to many spiders and creeping weeds, who knows, when the apocalypse comes the wild will take over and the insect and arachnid skyscrapers will become things of beauty.

In my flurry of activity and Mrs T’s bursts of inspiration an idea occurred to me that there is a place near the water pumping station for the estate there is another load of tiles from my neighbours roof who had the sense to ask the roofers to shift them, whereas I kept them to flog them on facebook market place, which i don’t, as a rule, use at all, sick was I of my timeline being populated by cats and dodgy jackets. Anyway next to these tiles I discovered a pile of sleepers last week there were 11, yesterday there were 5, the local pilferers had been pilfering and left me with the damp dregs, nothing a soak in the autumnal sunshine won’t cure I’m certain. So the sleepers will form part of our winter project, configured by Mrs T, some raised beds to grow shit in, onions, garlic, beetroot… The lot! So the grand plan is conceived and I think I dare say; launched, by the stealing and drying of the sleepers, all property is theft anyway.

Onwards and onwards, and with an aching back, skinned hands and sore arms the project will start in earnest next week, with the ordering of some type 2 aggregate, I think, those of you with a obsession with this blog may remember the patio I built in lockdown, God knows where the posts are, but pierce the internet ether and you’ll find it, no index see, I have no idea where it is, and am not willing to look, maybe ask N,M or C they may know.

So watch this space crazy folk.

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