#FPQ: Money

Not sure if i’ve ever done this so called Fandango’s Provocative Question but I like the idea of to and so i’ll have a go. Today’s or this week’s or this month’s provocative question  is as follows, I have no idea how often this happens, it may be the only time ever for all I know. Anyway, here it is, the question is, and I really mean this. In fact its number 185, so it must be some sort of series.

What do you think is the scariest thing that humankind has ever created?

The answer is money, which leads to greed, which leads to nastiness, which leads to bad vibes, which leads to splits in society, which leads to disagreements, which leads to fighting, which leads to war, which leads to destitution, which leads to social inequality, which leads to desperation, which leads to greed, which leads to inequality, which leads to etc etc.

Anyway, sadly we all have to use money, acorns and nuts don’t cut it on the financial markets these days, and prettily coloured shiny stones are no longer legal tender. So today when I received a record from France, and the chap who sold it to me didn’t charge any postage or packing, I felt this was a step in the right direction. So often, as a not for profit record collector, a man with an addiction to music, I see records for a good price, but then the postage doubles the price and the whole transaction sours, and the vinyl memory of the purchase is wiped from the good memory and deposited in the “Rip off Postage Memory” That isn’t how record buying should be, I reckon if I thought hard enough I could pretty much recall where i bought most of my records, not so the CDs. Maybe CDs are the answer to this question, or maybe they are a symptom of the answer to the question. Fuck knows.

I think its Money anyway.

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  1. Yes, this was #185, there we 184 that preceded this one, although some were duplicates, so probably closer to 170 unique provocative questions. Yes, money is the root of all evil, although a necessary evil, as the barter system is cumbersome and there would still be the have an have nots. I’m open to alternatives.

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