Mad Woman

 It’s not going to be the first time that I’ve had to check the dictionary for the meaning of some words, if i’m being honest I only got a B at GCSE English, which isn’t even an O level if you are one of the few remaining Tory haters  clinging to the past, wishing exams were exams and the youth can fuck off, bring back the empire. The people who think things were all better then, “Much Better in My Day” well said Gazelle Twin (google her you wont be disappointed)

Pleas excuse there may be swearing today, more than usual. Following the utterly dis/un/anti cogent press conference by out Prime Minister this afternoon, 2:30, which laid out her path for the future, a path of utter baloney, a path paved with spam grouted with primula cheese and tomato puree, when the cheese runs out. I, like many people in the country, not just conscious people, not just people who aren’t the Zombies, and not just the people who aren’t quite the people who have back evolved and are crawling back into the seas, seeping into the swamp. The people who must have been left behind in the great trip to the library (remember those? The tories closed them) and so were left to learn from the detritus left behind in the skip behind Farmfoods in Southport where Arnie shagged Debs(?) and the juice of slightly over cabbage mixed with the take away cooking oil puddled in the poorly tarmaced backyard of the budget supermarket and frozen food outlet.  

Today we lost our chancellor, he’s a tall bloke, highly visible but utterly useless and so when I say lost I mean sacked, by our equally useless, smaller and female Prime minister, who gave some terrible press conference, answering 4 questions the same way and looking to the sky as if expecting some sort of starburst full of inspiration and absolutely everything she thinks she needed to say in order to appease the obviously furious:

A) The Tory Party Membership.

B)The Tory Party Politicians

C) (this counts for around 0.2% of the electorate)

D)Is there a D?

This is the point, we are being run by people who are like children, people who are either entitled, (such as the Tory Party) or the leader of the Tory Party, Lizzy T who was once at a comprehensive school but then travelled to the crossroads between Guyhirn and anywhere else in the Fens and sold her soul to the person in charge of dredging the ditches around Kings Lynn, Mr Stevens. The whole party, which ironically we are not having at this present time, is made up of people who seem to think the whole “Having an Economy and Government thing” is one whale of a fucking laugh and what’s everyone else’s problem, can’t we just mortgage Park Lane and get some money from Free Parking. Houses and Hotels can be sold off and we can pack them all away in the box and cook a spag bol.

The longer the thing goes on, the less they care, the fewer folk cheer for her, at present, as we speak, Truss has 90% of the population saying she’s a cunt, because she seems to have caused a shit storm; mortgages unaffordable, pensions on the edge, I don’t know about pensions but the money people are worrying, which makes me worry. Excuse me for being intrusive but are you worried? Is your life being polaxed by this woman who promised much, and then just did something different? I don’t fucking know, she seems totally insane to me, and that is how i’m going to leave things for tonight.

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