Laptop Death, Firewall Does it’s Job

This is a nightmare, my laptop has died, my work laptop deems my site to risky to get through its firewall; Kudos. So that leaves me tappity tapping on my fucking phone, like a teenager and my eyes aren’t up to it, it’s a tragedy but I feel obligated to produce top draw content when I can. But this must stop.

I’ve a mate who sells reconditioned laptops, and hopefully I’ll see him on the touch line tomorrow at rugby practice, not me I’m 51, and the fab pork pie seen above was my cake. But being 51 doesn’t prohibit me from going to the gym, oh no. I went this evening with my youngest, who I’ve joined at our local gym and pool. And as he can’t drive, I have to take him, and (weirdly) there are no pubs in the town I fancy visiting so I figured if you can’t beat them, etc etc.

So after my first workout in years in a gym, and I’d say probably my 9th ever visit to a gym anywhere in the world, funnily enough the gym I’ve probably been to most in the world was in Grenada, and I’ve only been there for 7 days visiting the gym on at least 5 occasions. As you can see I’m not an athlete… yet…However returning home after running and cycling and lifting things, I’ve got a tummy ache and slight headache. Let’s see what Thursday brings, and let’s hope Wednesday brings a second hand laptop.


  1. “tappity tapping on my fucking phone, like a teenager.” I’m far from being a teenager, but I compose all of my posts by tappity tapping on my fucking phone. I’m used to it. But I hope you’re back to a laptop soon.

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