Not Needed


It’s been a peculiar day; in about 6 working days, the way I have been doing what I do, very efficiently, very successfully and very competently is all going to change. I’m saving a few choice jobs for Monday or Tuesday next week and then everything which I’ve learnt over the last 23 years will be pretty much wiped out, so right now i’d like to give a big 

                       “FUCK YOU”

to the idiots who organised this skip fire without speaking to me, i’ve never spoke to my Mum and told her so much about what I do, ever, in 23 years at this previously fab place, and I’m 51 now. I must be upset. 

Seems that the future is not as it was planned, we’ve all got to move with the times, I get that, but I see a cunt and a collective bunch of cunts when I see one and I’d challenge you to say otherwise.

Fortunately for you, dear reader, the shit coloured envelope will be opened shortly, and all will be revealed, maybe. It depends on many things, none of which I can say. He said mysteriously, from his work computer, where he’s playing like a plank. 

Night folks, the mushroom is nice but unedited as I’m away for my laptop which popped yesterday 

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