Not much Telly

I’ve just seen an old school friend on Grand Designs he’s an architect, and his house got through to the short list, the final 10 of house of the year, which will mean Wednesday night house porn will pretty much take us up to Christmas.

Then there’s ITV and I’m a celebrity get me out of here and some future c-list contract going forward with Mediocre Matt, which based on a straw poll from our house it seems viewing figures have plummeted from 2.5 based on past viewings to 0 now. Now I may not be a Qualified pollster but it does read as though the evergreen Ant on Dex might have made a grade one fuck up telly wise. But then I couldn’t care less if they lose viewers, doesn’t really matter does it.

Snd finally we have a deputy prime minister who throws tomatoes at aides and enemies and apparently will not tolerate tomatoes within his room or anywhere near him, spooky how he could pick up and throw the squashy fruit. I put it to him he is a liar Mr Dominic psychopath Raab.

That’s me done, it’s irritating typing on my phone. Night all

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