Friday Fictioneers: The Glory of the Hedge Hopper

Laptop is bust, which is a disaster, so it’s all being done on this phone. So I’m back from a forced hiatus, and I’m pleased to see Rochelle is still holding things together, so without further ado I’ll get back into the finger tapping saddle, the mind remains the same…

Thanks to Stars snd Jars for the photo too. Hope I’ve got it all right

On My Marks…

Get Set…



An underused term for his own brand of Hedging.

A Garden Hopping accident Hedge Scrambling as a boy traumatised his left arm and despite loosing all sensations, gave him an advantage; his docile lead arm able to withstand the prickliest privet.

A trademark Jacket with tattered right arm sponsored by Yew Choo (a local branch railway operator) made him a target for autograph hunters; he signed with a squiggle.

Broken foot or not he wasn’t going to miss another SHIT (Scrambling Hedge International Tournament); this his final time.

Hobbling over the Holly, he raised his good arm in Triumph

There we are, 100 words of pure unadulterated hedge hopping excitement, a relic from my childhood, hope you like it!


  1. Dear Shrawley,

    Hedge Hopping? That’s a new one on me. How did I live this long without knowing about it? 😉 I admire your finger tapping. Remember when a phone was just a device we used to ring up a friend or call the electric company? Good job in any event. Glad to see you here this week.




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