I sat at my desk, newly moved into the living room, near my records and the log burner. The aim; 4 weeks of learning, a new operating system which from the outside looking in resembles a packapoo ticket. Someone or some people in this well known instituion have taken upon themselves to reimagine our job and so recreate an Operating System which makes it impossible to do my job as efficiently and skilfully as I used to.

The hammering rain and purpling clouds reflected the somber mood on the Teams call, a training course in which the instructors make a few light hearted comments and tell us what guide to read and then what exercise to do. Like Brexit, this new system was introduced without the full facts having been made apparent to many involved, least of all us, the foundations, the folk who prop the whole house of cards up. Similar to Brexit too no one dare say that this is a disaster, but the stats speak for them selves, a red mist descends over the regions and sooner or later someone will have to address the disease. Well the news is, the wind is blowing and the house of cards will doubtlessly come tumbling down, just hope I can get redundancy. But the word on the street from senior management is that if we don’t like it we can just Fuck off. 

Which is nice


  1. Yes, I know all about the change of a system that is so convoluted and confusing that is meant to make your job better. Depending on years of service you can work out whether it is better to hang in or fuck off Martin Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

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  2. Hearing a lot of this…seeing a lot of this.
    I think the ship that hit the ice-berg a long time ago and has been taking on water ever since is sinking rapidly. Just do what you can, keep wading the water, trust that those who foresaw this have built a lifeboat that is better than the ship was.

    I hate seeing people in distress, it makes me very anxious for them, but the corruption riddled throughout every part of this current political economic set up cannot go on for much longer. It is long overdue being replaced.

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