Shambles and Hangover

You remember the Health Secretary in the times of Covid, the one who threw a protective ring around the care homes by allowing Covid to run rampant through them, condemning the victims to die alone, or with their children looking through a window as they suffocated to death. That bloke, well he’s now in the final 3 of I’m a Celebrity with blood on my hands please help me to clear my name, and prepare a life of minor chat shows going forward. And the entire country has gone stir fucking crazy, voting in their droves to give this turd some sort of public apology when there should be a public execution, or at least sending him to a desert island and leaving him there, without cameras, and the unwritten autobiographies of everyone who died unneccesarily to read for the rest of his life.

And with all this going on I feel today like I’ve been trampled on due to an explosive mixture of Belgium and German beers  last night, which has only heightened my anxiety for tomorrow’s further shambles of a training course, where the trainers laugh and joke about how we’ll get there in the end when the real issue is how much damage it is doing to the company I used to quite enjoy working for, it seems all my past 23 years amount to pretty much nothing moving forward. That’s a shame, I was a faithful and diligent worker, am a faithful and diligent worker. I cared about the product I was providing, and now the product I used to provide can not be delivered and I feel that all is lost, why should I give a shit if they don’t? My “training course” or brainwashing will continue until the days just before Christmas and then I’ll be off for a couple of weeks to return in early January, to see what’s what.  Maybe I’ll re read this and find things aren’t so bad after all, but I doubt it…


  1. Feel your pain. We had a nall singing and dancing IT system which was supposed to revolutionise how we work
    It hasn’t, just more processes to go through for the same result. We got a 200+ page manual to consult when we get stuck. On reflection a 2 week train course sounds great!

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