No Fun

Well fate is upon us as Mr Fandango uses the word work for his one word challenge, which I have been stuck to for years now, my least favourite occupation right now, my only occupation which sadly for a lazy man is proving to be slightly unpaletable at the moment. In the guise of progress and marching amongst the armies of the so called “world class” the powers that bne seem hell bent on devaluing my worth and within a stroke have forgotten all the past good work i’ve done and are essentially asking me to start right at the bottom once more, 23 years doens’t seem to matter a jot in this new regime, this spineless clueless regime who decides on tactics when everyone in that meeting must have been high, and then when all is falling around them, the building burns and they wonder why; considering it’s made of tinder (not that one) All the sterling work done by colleagues dismissed with a flippant “well we are where we are”.

Life at work sucks, I just hope the whole company falls on its arse, and I get made redundant, that would certainly cheer me up, but first I need to get my CV in some sort of order, which as a 51 year old chap is daunting, tedious and not fun in any stretch of the word. So before I go I’ll reflect on our trainers, who are blameless in so far that they had no part in this skip fire, they just have to teach it to us. But one thing which does infuriate is when they tell us on our Teams training to,

“Go and have a play”

Like I say, there is absolutely no fun to be indulged with this operating system.

One comment

  1. All that you did for your employee over the past two or three decades doesn’t matter anymore. The mantra in the corporate world these days is “What have you done for me lately.”


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