Friday Fictioneers: Training Terror

Evening all. Today we find our Hero, getting fat sitting next to his computer, at the beginning of a 4 week stint learning something wholly inadequate, my company has really excelled itself this time, hopefully there wont be too much time to wait until I’m made redundant… Or maybe we’ll just limp on. Anyway thanks to Rochelle for keeping me sane with something creative to look forward to blogging wise rather than just shouting into the fog as I seem to spend a lot of time doing of late! Thanks also to regular snapper Roger Bultot for the superb shot, so without further ado…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


T-4 days

Waiting for this month with dubious disbelief for almost a year. Thought they’d call it off.

Didn’t plan anything; knew that the world cup was on, 1000’s of records at my disposal, and the view’s a peach.

Yeah, this 30 day online training course just before Christmas is going to be just fucking great.

Day 1

Weather outside is shite but the log-burner will roar if I ask it to.

Day 4

The walls carry indecipherable scrawling, the computer flickers in the background, behind a pyre of charred exercise books and Specification guides.

“Ello Dave, are you there Dave?”

“The Horror” whispers Dave.

There we go, 100 words on being stationed next to the window on an extended on line training course, which is my life at the moment, up until Christrmas.


  1. The lunacy is not yours but you are wisely going with the flow even as you rise above it. You are in the company of so very many who subject their intelligent brains to numbness for the sake of being responsible. Merry Christmas!

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  2. It would be just the right time for the power and heat to go off wouldn’t it. Poor sap. So what is your online course teaching you (besides how to go stir crazy?)


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