First Class Ticket to Dottingham

If You Know You’ll Know

I remember when Lockets were the worst cough sweet.

Blackcurrant Macs and Cherry Tunes were the Go to cough sweets of choice. Miss Cheney, who ran Bruntingthorpe post office was largely deaf and lived in a house with another two deserted houses attached. We played in those other two houses and did Ouija boards up there as the moon shone through the back windows on the second floor from which you could just about see the corner of the church yard if you craned your neck. Anyway Miss Cheney only sold three things, stamps, envelopes and cherry tunes (the old recipe), if we wanted cans of pop we’ed go to the garage for them, they kept them out the back in the fridge and so if you asked for one they would go and fish them out from the fridge in their absence we’ed steal a pack of 20 Goldmark from underneath the till.

Miss Cheney died, the houses were bought and the post office shut down, the garage got a tall fridge with a window next to the till, Mac Blackcurrant started making computers and Tunes changed their Cherry recipe and also moved into the Blackcurrant gap vacated by Macs, spread betting. It failed, Blackcurrant Tunes no longer exist apart from in Laos (they are banned everywhere else) Tunes have moved into a box you can shake, they are hard like evil boiled sweets and taste generic, far too little sugar.

Now Lockets are the best Cough Sweet.


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