Ice cold in Swindon

So I’m trapped in my hotel room at a conference centre outside Swindon, in the middle of nowhere, the weather can be described as Baltic and the slightly dodgy website my son showed me, offering Thai brides as a sideline , but used by me to watch the cricket, without paying has finally been taken down and seized by the American Government! What they have against me watching the England Pakistan test match I’m taking as personal and will be writing to my MP. They removed the football a few months ago, just in time for the start of the season and so I guess the writing was probably on the wall, or on a wall, which wall? and where is the wall? So sadly I’m here for the week, and tomorrow we will be venturing outside, there’s snow on the ground for Christs sake, if I was at home I probably wouldn’t be able to get out of my road and so yes, I feel slightly put upon by the conference Gods.

I’ve taken the decision not to visit the gym or pool tonight and instead opted to lying on my bed with the lights down counting the minutes until I can go home, retirement isn’t an option sadly, changing jobs always is, but I’m holding out for redundancy if I possibly can. Even though I spend around 25% of my time doing this job, its is responsible for about 80% of my irritation, that’s not right, there’s a discrepancy to the the tune of around 55% here, and the  unimaginative party line is 

“Well we are where we are” 


“It is what it is”

Both would make suitable epitaphs for the company I think.

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