Black and White Tuesday: Abyss

Second night in the hotel, second day of residential course in Swindon. Its baltic and nothing worked properly, I stare in disbelief at the computer screen realising that my working life has changed beyond recognition and there’s going to be a whole world of pain and tedium going forward.

We’ve all heard the “it is what it is mantra”, that’s all we’ve heard for over 2 weeks now and as every day dawns a new level of disbelief and astonishment bathes us as we sit behind our monitors. Today we had a pique of excitement as we learnt a shit load of managers were coming down to see how we’re doing, really here for the 1 free beer and 3 course meal, and from speaking to them it seems there is no plan going forward. Directors are aware of the rash of failures happening all over the country, spreading like cholera, but seem to be ignoring it until the whole country is in dire straits andf then the plan is, well there is no plan. Literally a big “Fuck knows” from all of them. It’s brazen in its cluelessness, and the word on the street is silent. My work spouse and I had the misfortune of turning up for dinner in the latter half of the mid group meaning we flanked the top cat on both sides, and I can’t lie, so when he asked me what I thought I told him. Shit but without swearing, to which he spent the next 15 minutes spouting corporate bollocks, to someone who really doesn’t care any more, figures and statistics, never mind the hundreds of combined years at the coal face and like a Christmas tree farm running out of spruce trees, they seem to be refusing to plant any more to see what happens if they don’t. It’s smart managership, directorship, leadership and make no mistake. 

I’m hoping to get a better nights sleep tonight now I realise that the iceberg has been sighted but we’re all going to play scrabble until we’re a bit closer. Best out of 5 obviously.

I’ll stop talking about it soon, promise.

Blimey and what a to-do. 

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