Simply having a Christmas time

 I’ve been otherwise engaged, the awful training course finished just before Christmas and I didn’t return to work, couldn’t face it, took the days off as holiday, i’m not a complete fool, but have spent the last week or so not thinking about work because to do so would make the skipfire I face when I return real. So I won’t say any more about it and try and keep cheerful.

Christmas was good in bits and bad in other bits, the deafness and indiscriminate racism doesn’t get any more palatable with the passing of time from  my Mum, but now I have been taught in the blinkered right wing press world view that “we” are “outnumbered” and in the “minority”  in Leicester, which isnt where she lives, she inhabits a lovely white middle class commuter village miles away from the city, which she never drives to, and so I can only think that she’s throwing herself head first into the awful right wing controlled media, and that way racism and mistrust lies, she’ll be into religion next…

Did I tell you the the priest keeps coming round, I think he’s trying to recruit. Life has been hard for Mum recently, with Dad dying last year and her friends dropping dead one by one at an alarming rate, she even told me in an advertisement break wihin a terrible afternoon quiz show, how many of her friends have died in the last 5 years, she’d written a list! That’s sad, and thats why I want her over here so I can keep an eye on her and show her the path to tolerance. What she said over Christmas lunch was not ok, we all raised all our eyebrows; calm discussion is impossible as holding a shouting chat at volume 11 is utterly exhausting.

But over this last couple of weeks or 10 days, I can’t remember the last time I wrote anything, we have eaten and drank enough to sink a battleship, and being constantly what seems like topping up is exhausting in itself. The fridge is full of esculent morsels, but my annual efforts to gain beach presentability have alas, failed at the final hurdle. I started the year at 84.45kg and just now, after an evening shower I seem to weigh slightly more. Which is to be expected after eating, morning weighing is the official time, and I’m hoping I can just limp over the line by starving myself for the next couple of days. 

Merry Christmas one and all


  1. Hugs. It may feel awful to object to the racist comments, but that is a change that we all are making and I think it is for the good! My friend’s 90 year old father included: . My mother told me once that she was not a feminist. She changed her mind later on, because she went to plant trees. “None of the women knew how to dig a hole! They’d never handled a shovel! Maybe I am a feminist!” She was so busy as a kid keeping up with two older brothers that being feminist didn’t really occur to her. Merry Christmas!


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