Chill out you Overthinker.

Lets all get drunk and go naked and lie in a great big pile.

Christmas and New Year Done and Dusted, and back to work, no sleep to speak of the night before due I guess to being nervous of starting all over again, nervous about being in the job for 23 years and possibly having to go out and look for something else, and anxious that I might be past it at 51. I know i’m not of course, but it makes for a good back story. I was on some awful Teams meeting sat in a rainy car park out side of the Range, which may be some sort of metaphor for Britain in these modern and rotten times, and was told by a couple of people at work that I was probably overthinking things and should chill out, this was after a well crafted outburst where I said I wasn’t ready to adopt the espousal of the New Operating System my company is shoving down our necks with a snooker cue, I understand its here to stay, everyone knows its shit, and yet no one is willing to fess up, take ownership and offer them selves to the software monsters, instead the pain and hardship is soley reserved for us at the coal face.

I even quoted a good mate saying to my boss and anyone who wanted to listen that the whole thing is unfair, I feel like I’m being hounded out of my profession because I don’t want to be apart of this ridiculous vanity project, putting myself and others under enormous stress for a  measly £300 extra a year, fuck me I’ll make more dosh selling shit on eBay than I will pushing a rock up a hill like that Greek chap, I forget his name.

But New year and new beginnings, and so what will I do differently… That is undecided as yet but I am now part of a triplet of mates (that’s the wrong word, there are 3 of us) who are all aiming to get a little bit thinner this year. On New Years eve I put my favourite jacket on and the zip bust open when I was doing it up, I was carrying a bag of cans on my back with I’m telling myself altered the weight load ratio, but still. 

So portion control

So Less Booze

I think I’ll try the 1000 miles a year walking again, which incidentally I smashed last year by about 47 miles (Go Minister!)

Drop the fags

Exercise, unsure as to how much and where.

Leave my job in the toilet and listen to less news, this country is on its knees at the moment, even my Mum agrees a little but she blames coloured people, not the Ruling party (who are the actual people to blame)

And that’s the lot, Get busy living or get busy dying. 


    • Thanks mate, yep I had a year of negatives work wise, it’s not getting any better but I’ve decided to try and rise above it all. I’m going to try and change myself if nothing else! Cheers for dropping by! Happy z new year to you too


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