Formal and Informal

For those concerned about my welfare, of whom there are at least 4, I’d say as a conservative estimate. I am taking the opportunity of having an early night loaded on wellness drugs, on this night I shall be hopefully falling to sleep soon after my head touches the pillow, there will be snoring, not gurning and definitely no foot tapping to an imaginary beat in my head, as would have happened in the olden days. These wellness drugs are of the supermarket, rather than the 24 hour dealer hotline from days past; Formal and Informal.

I drove to Manchester to drop my daughter off at Uni, stopped off to see a friend for a brew, and drove back during rush hour but avoided any sort of queue, because I am awesome and weirdly there wasn’t one, not like yesterday travelling to Brum airport in the morning, what a shirt show that was. So I’m going to bed much wellerer than I was this morning when I felt awful.

Swish me luck, goodnight compadres and I’ll see you all tomorrow, for more fun and games. Will In go to work, or will I skive, as I have a right to do. They fucked up my working life during and at work, so it stands to reason that I should be able to fuck up their employing life during and at work.

Touché mother government agency type fuckers

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