Own the Sinking Ship

There was a teams meeting this morning, it happens every week, and every 4 weeks they tell us whats happening in the company. I think this is how it all works, but since the new operating system has been implemented and seamlessly stuffed down the front of our trousers like an unwanted ferret, the company is struggling, i’ll be honest but its really interesting to see how these senior managers and their bitches react and act around the rest of us lower down in the food chain, the ones actually doing the work with this Sack of Kakk system, all in the name of progress, chasing the corporate Quid and without really knowing how to act when there are other grown ups in the room (marketplace) From where the 200 odd of us stand and sometimes sit, looking at our screens, i’d say the optics aren’t particularly favourable.

At the meeting today a chap in a senior position with not so senior age retired, and so this was to be his last hurrah, and as he is chief of the 200 odd of us, he said rather tellingly, that of all the people on the teams call, of which there were a few hundred, ultra senior staff, some directors and similar blaggers, he said, and this must have had the result of magnifying the situation to an alarming extent, he said that NO ONE on the call today, is capable of sorting out the situation which we find ourselves in. Now I would probably prefer it if he would have substituted the word situation for mess, but I’m splitting hairs really. The really alarming thing is the nodding dog managers are on over drive telling us everything is going to be just fine! Now I’m not a Book Leanring man, but I’d say that the fan is covered in shit, utterly clogged up with the excrement of a few months since this “went live” and I can’t see whats goiung to happen next… if only I was on the outside looking in rather than being in the centre of the hurricane, although they do say that the calm is right at the centre, and as well as being calm i’m trying to break up the tedium of my job as it is now days with efforts to scribble more of this gubbins and try not to be negative, I’ll leave that to the deluded Ya men and women misplaced optimists who are barely running the show at the moment. 

Own It you idiots and stop looking round trying to find someone else to blame. 



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