Clap to the End of the Road.

Well I’ve returned back from Wales, north Wales, somewhere near a beach, and having departed feeling ill, under the weather, I then took a day of extreme beer drinking with the persuasive Dr S and came back fgeeling about the same as I left. Not getting better as the sickness ladder tends to go, if anything i’d say no better really. Must have been a bad pint. The dominant gene within is sadly lacking these days, gone are the mornings when i’d leap out of bed like some sort of dynamo, Hangovers are for saps and walking the dog is the perfect tonic. It was, f0or about 20 years but now the vicious glare  of burning the candle at both ends for so long seems to be catching up with me. I’m still able to get outside however if Ive got a sore weekend head ahead. Always the best tonic, thats what I told myself when I’d wake up under some white plastic garden furniture with a mouth full of cigarette butts and gravel.

Things have changed, and tomorrow i’ve got a meeting in Newport  with some senior manager who is no doubt going to apprise to convince us that all is fine in the garden of Eden following on from his boss telling the organisation that no one in the teams meeting “room” can solve our problem. He also said that our little part of the business (200 + of us) has moved heaven and earth and gone beyond excellent in the last 9 months. Doubt there’ll be a pay rise but they may clap us. Which of course is how the nurses intend to find the extra needed to make ends meet. 

Roll on the election, heads must roll in my organisation, and maybe then we can get rid of the shiny suited slime balls who have cashed in recently at the expense of pretty much everyone else at the coal face, and no I am not a miner.

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  1. The state of our western societies (not all but most and including the UK AND US sadly) is so depressing as to literally turn the the stomach — with no alcohol involved.


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