Used to be so smart

 You guys… This evening I drove from Cliftonetticut to Tredesperansa on the southernmost westernmost coast of Western Australia, keep it quiet, Su Pollard and Michael Flatley (Lord of the Dance) or so he says, spend a lot of time there.And far be it for me to criticise but I did see Flatley stamp repeatedly on a cat (tabby) the last time I was there. But I guess this is what you pay your subscription for ,yield to the awfulness Scallywags and try and make yourselves better people, which of course you aren’t, in the long run. 

Plus have you seen the state of my BBQ cover. Wind damage only, not knife wielding rodents or Badgers



  1. The wind in WA can get pretty strong so you’re talking about no ordinary wind there. I used to live in Geraldton. It was extraordinary.
    Best wishes,


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