Friday Fictioneers: Delivery Notification

I was in a plane crash and the monkey ate my essay last week and so sadly thats why I failed to hand anything in, we had to eat our own shoes to survive, and thank goodness that Rochelle still keeps this going, no matter what the world throws at her. Three cheers etc…What a wonderful photo this week from Alicia Jamtaas, I’ll have to try and find my thinking cap, which wasn’t eaten due to it being tweed in nature, hard to digest. Anyway, here we are lets get cracking.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


“Ok I’m coming”

“No, Christ No. Don’t, you’re… the window… you’ll break your legs. Fuck”

“It’s not far, I want to kiss you”

“Jesus, we’ve only just met, I was bringing you the vegetable box, I’ve got other deliveries”

“I’m coming with you, let me come, I’m coming down”

“No, Are you stoned? What have you taken? Jesus”

“Nothing, look I’ve got some more, lets go deliver”


“Oh shit”

The body poleaxed amongst the flowers.

The sun reflected from the coffee bar window through the leaves causing light to dance chaotically, in the scarlet liquid pooling around her hair.

There we go, a sad tale about how its probably not too smart to lean out of a window after taking a shit load of acid, 100 words which says to the kids “Don’t do drugs kids”


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