What the Fox Sat

It’s not everyday a fox leaps onto a friend of yours car bonnet, takes an action photo and agrees without even being asked if he would allow this shot to appear on his friend’s poorly visited blog in the hope that “said” friend would gather followers for the point of… well nothing really. Thats right folks, no one reads it, so no one needs to know my motives. I’m not after a book deal (I am but need to write a book) , I’m not after your adulation, but since my new haircut I think ladies will probably find it hard to resist such a SPUNK.

So, new boots and panties, new haircut and new fast automatic daffodils 12″ on the way, i’ll be headlining an arena tour before long and make no mistake. I am an honest if deluded (sometimes) man but ever the eternal optimist I shall keep on keeping on for all of you fuckers who feel the need to follow my warbling. We’ll soon buy a farm, live in pastoral silence and then burn it down. Love you all Mother Funkers

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