Fork The Tories

Global energy prices have dropped and our energy prices will rise, but that’s the politics of greed and the hurt of the heater. If you can’t afford the bills, then fuck you, we don’t care and we would prefer it if you had to remain subservient. We don’t want you to have a voice, we look down on you and sneer as we do so. You are but cogs in a wheel which ultimately makes me a lot of money, which I can spend with all my island owning, platinum helicopter flying friends, drinking vodka made from rhino horns sucked through  Narwhal horns. That’s the world I live in, and you lot can just rot,  displaying the total economic failure of the system we have today; bones bleached by capitalism, the marrow sucked out leaving just a loosely interpreted excuse for an exoskeleton ( dry bones). 

The constant trickle of lies leaching into the populous is poisoning, like the shit discharged into our rivers by the water companies, the press is toxifying the readers and there is a latent desperation in the air. You are all revolting.

Sad times, and I really hope better times are ahead.

Fuck the Tories.

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