Weekend Writing Prompt: Out Out!

wk 301 treetop

Weekend Writing Prompt #301: This weekend your challenge is to write a poem or a piece of prose in exactly 63 words using the word “Treetop”.

Haven’t done this for a while and the night is drawing to a close so I’d best get cracking, head over to Sammi Scribbles for the various rules and regs and also to read some fine scribbling. 

It’s midnight, my daughter is at the pub with a friend on a surprise visit home from Uni.

She’s going to a club in town. 

There’s no booze involved, she’s driving 12 miles and I trust her.

But I’ll be sat at the window until the small hours, waiting to see glimpses of her little silver car appear on the road through the treetops.

Here we have a father’s worry over his daughter having fun times in his “manor”, when she’s probably doing this every night at University…

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