Sick as a Pike

I’ve been away for a few days because I’ve been ill, signed off for a week by the Quack with a Respiratory Tract Infection, I’m the one with the infection not the Doctor, but I wore my mask in the surgery as I was spluttering and coughing all over the place, he told me I was very publicly spirited and I think the hurried me in to the surgery as I was unstoppable. So the idea to take it easy since last Friday was going pretty well until the previous Thursday when my daughter came home, a visit we had orchestrated, and in an effort to be Dad-like and king of the party, I had to be livened up despite half protesting about having to go anywhere. A relatively usually busy weekend was made more busy with the addition of a not so little one returning from Uni to surprise her Mum, my Wife.  Managed to avoid having to cook on Sunday by going over to our mates for roast beef and the most amazing home made stilton stuffing. Several beers later, riding on the tide of alcohol  expecting a Tsunami of malady on Monday Morning was a tragedy I would have top bare. And expecting a lesser Beast from the East to arrive, Cooling the air massively was going to be a struggle, not being well enough to walk outside to enjoy the occasional sheltered spots of   apricity in a break from the bitter North Clifton winds. I told you it’s like Greenland up here and this cold which has stretched out into its 5th week now is not helping my mood neither my mileage count.  Being still undecided if I’m going to be walking the 1000 dog walking miles I did last year. 

I did get out on Monday, to a car park in Worcester to pick up my daughter’s car, its on the 4th floor she told me. I was dazed, sniffing and sneezing some awful coloured gunk. But thankfully I have friends in the village who I see on a Friday night who have visited and offered advice, tomorrow I expect the arrival of a Neti Pot. Don’t ask, I’ll explain later.

So the last 5 or so days I have been boshing and double dropping all sorts of very boring non recreational drugs in an effort to improve my disposition but all it has done is to deregularise my morning ablutions and force my bodtb temperature to fluctuate wildly according to not a great deal, sometimes I’m bloody hot and the next I’m shivering. Truly a bunch of arse. A light in the fog however is a celebration of Mrs T’s birthday this weekend with friends at a fancy restaurant, and then a month into the future a week away in Mid Wales (I think I read somewhere you can’t call West Wales, West Wales, but I could be mistaken) Please write in to PO BOX: Sick as a Pike.

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