Friday Fictioneers: Dinner Party Explosion.

Hey Ho from Snowy Clifton, the weather is rotten, my cold is now a Respirational tract infection, and my nose is permanently blocked or pouring. Thankfully I’ve taken a week sick leave and so you’d think i’ve time to concentrate. Not So, but thanks Rochelle for holding this bird together, lets see what I can come up with based on this interesting composition from Jennifer Pendergast.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Sitting down to dinner with the neighbours;

That insufferable Born again peddling his unwanted propaganda, whilst his wife guzzles down red after white after red.

The young couple who just moved in, lots of money and no idea where from, they’ve replaced the kitchen already, they just grin a lot and agree.

The self appointed (in his head anyway) leader, the alpha male who tucks his t-shirt into his shorts, he’s got an opinion on everything, contrary to everyone else’s. Fond of a conspiracy too.

And my head feels like its going to explode, all the over the counter Pharma I’ve guzzled.

Quickly done tonight, 100 words, no edits to talk of, the lamp looks like the inside of my head right now as I limp through my cold… If my neighbours are reading this then I don’t really think this!


  1. You painted this scene so well I felt like I was at the table. I dislike people who have opinions about everything, especially of the conspiracy variety. I have a feeling you were inspired by your cold. I hope you feel better soon!

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