Snow times

Woke up, blocked up nose and breathing through my mouth, catching spiders and swallowing them surreptitiously during the previous nights sleep, probably. Snow was thick on the ground, and there was a pretty much nailed on dead cert that School would be closed, our road was deep under snow and no one was driving past on the main road. The trees festooned with clinging virgin snowfall and there would be no bus, young son was half dressed, with half an eye on emails, texts and tweets form the school dithering over wether the weather will play a part in my son and his gang’s sledging aspirations. 

Needless to say, he was out the door prior to being officially told of the cancellation, and out of site in 2 minutes. Him missing a day of school isn’t going to make him as dense as some of these awful posturing politicians who are headlessly steering us towards the abyss. 

And now its pissing it down so the fun is well and truly over.

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