Fandango’s Story Starter, #92…

 A new prompt, to kleep me out opf trouble for a little bit, this time from the busy stable of Mr Fandango its his world famous “Fandango’s Story Starter” where the mysterious Fandango posts a start of a talk and we have to finish it; today it is as follows.

When I walked into the kitchen, I noticed that there was broken glass all over the floor.


There was a blindfolded woman with short cropped dyed orange hair, she was barefoot and in a smart, certainly tailored, double breasted suit.

She sensed me or must have heard the creak of the door and looked up perceiving the direction from where I stood. I looked at her and she faced towards me although slightly to the right. 

“How are you Annie?” I asked

“I feel like I’m walking on Broken Glass” she replied.

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