Friday Fictioneers: Jacob loses seat

 En Vacances, in case you’re asking. Wales, yes and it’s really wet, thank god for Rochelle who provides a sunny patch in this squally destination which we try to pretend is pleasant. Last 2 holidays in Wales it has lashed down, that’s by the by. Thanks to Lisa Fox for the photo, which is going to form the basis of my little tale of which I have no idea as to what it will be about as yet. The secret is; I never do, its always written when tired or drunk or both, so I’d best get some cans in.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


The Tory Party Manifesto 2023.

The Hipster Bar was booked and paid for, seemed pretty expensive to Jacob, but what did he know? His butler usually sorted the finances.

Candles in Ironic Neon holders (that’s what the website said), and “Hauntological” music to match the era Jacob pertained to be from in an effort to make it “sexy”.

But as soon as the “support act” opened their mouth the Juke box fired up and the message was lost, mimed through the window to the recently homeless chap; his first evening performance, a private showing, from his damp but spacious shop doorway

Here we go, 100 words on how the local elections are probably going to go this May…


  1. They have shop doorways? Surely we can do something better to encourage these scroungers back to work, something less commodious than a shop doorway? I’m sure the government will come up with something


  2. I need to study up on Brit politics. I can never remember what Tories stand for, or the other party either. I’d probably understand this post better if I weren’t so ignorant 🙂


  3. Oh sorry you are having a soggy time here in Wales – you should have come earlier it has been glorious at times – sorry that’s not helpful I know, hope the sun shines on you soon 😎


  4. This made me laugh: “Candles in Ironic Neon holders (that’s what the website said), ” and I wonder if the private showing was the homeless guy flashing. Sorry it has been so stormy in Wales, it probably makes the green even greener. I can why see you’re getting soused in the pub 🙂


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