Wales is good, but also wet

We’ve only got a day left before we have to return to the daily grind.  must admit it’s been great being in mostly bad weather in a picturesque part of Wales. But we’ve come to the conclusion that whenever we come to Wales, the weather has been mostly poor; wet and windy. I like wind not a fan of the wet. We’ve snuck in a game of Crazy Golf and will be playing sensible golf in a not particularly sensible setting, right on the coast where we could barely stand up yesterday morning, Newport, Pembrokeshire. The RPM (see last post) is very keen to let m,e know the names of local people, I’ve been told and forgotten all of them, notably the burger van man, the lady who owns the cafe in Newport, the man who supplied his hot tub, the man who operates the milk vending machine just outside Fishguard, the couple who own the salutation inn, a lady who owns the horse riding stables but not thew husband, the husband and husband team who run the wine bar, Dave and someone wirth the name of a poet, I suggested Eleanor Farjeon (early secondary school poems we had to learn) it wasn’t her, we worked out his name was Byron.

We’ve been discussing the benefits of owning a hot tub and if there are any benefits or if we just want friends with benefits, which we don’t particularly, we’re not swingers… yet! This week we’ve used the hot tub every night, the youngest has every night hacked into the main frame and raised the temperature to above what is deemed safe by RPM (40’c up from his standard of 36’c) in fairness I have tried on a number of occasions to entreat  the RPM to turn it up, but he’s worried about being sued, we don’t want any deaths here sonny. Which is of course exactly what we don’t want to. We just need to remember to turn it back to boring warm tub temperature when we leave and block his mobile number as soon as he pays any deposit back.

Will we come back? To this house? Maybe. But only if we come back to this part or indeed any part of Wales, its just so fucking wet, but the food has been superb, there days of being able to check in to a  wacky warehouse with the kids and watch them roll around in a ball pool full of piss are long gone, they now demand distractions and if not that then at least Wifi. 

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