Friday Fictioneers: Education.

 The Spring… Is it coming? Or have the seasons changed? I’m beginning to think that it’s the latter, and what do we do then? thank Bod for Rochelle who keeps us sane in this little corner of the internet. Today’s picture is a David Stewart original, and it looks like a damp temple courtyard, somewhere oriental, so lets get cracking and see what this ropey mind comes up with.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


“I wonder why they chose kind of Orange, it’s a pretty shitty colour for the floor. And what the hell is all this yellow crap? Temples look, just like, so boring man”

“I’m guessing the green stuff is trees and shit, why isn’t the sky, like, yellow?”

Their avatar looked down, exasperated, unable to escape the tangerine coloured virtual “school”, He/She knew they/those/whatnots would never see its/oats beautiful reality again.

“When’s break? I need to check my status?” the creature’s eyes were weak and bloodshot.

The screen fizzed, flashed and flickered… popping

Everything was all so exhausting.

Dystopia folks, 100 words, none wasted, in one take, I only pause to count the words, enjoy


    • No it’s not a typo, i’m trying to play with the proliferation of pronouns these days and I thought its/oats was a funny (not really upon reflection) diversion. I write all these FFs almost as a stream of consciousness, I look at the photo, think a bit and try and bang it out. Some are better than others I guess!! Thanks for reading Tracey, its appreciated.

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