FOTD: Daisy

This week has been so far all about not being able to watch our not at all dodgy fire stick, and not only that, being duty bound to try and work out what is wrong with it. Having been asked by the man who set it up for me to speak to my broadband provider and tell them I was having trouble streaming stuff, but not telling them I have a fire stick (incidentally, if there are any police reading this; its just a fictional account of a fictional situation). So lying, I’m bad at, tech I think I’ve reached my limit and see no reason to go any further as I’m easing my way into retirement and this sort of activity is definitely not on my bucket-list.

Apparently there is nothing wrong, and apparently the moon is made of cheese, but can anyone really help me? I would require someone to come round and sort it all out for me, as I’ve probably mentioned before “sort my shit”.

I dream of the summer and the Ashes series in England and being able to watch it, and seeing England smash it and feeling elated after we bash the Oiks 5-0. I’m hoping I don’t wake up screaming “VPN-VPN” in a cold sweat, I’ve eaten no cheese tonight, so sleep should be relatively sedate. Roll on summer.

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