Friday Fictioneers: Styx Fix.

Rochelle, today is a day after yesterday which is when I was meant to do the thing, but alas, work and laziness got in the way, not to mention a technical broadband/ dodgy fire stick issue which had me lying in a dark room after a telephone call which threatened to pull my brain out of my ears in a thin gelatinous lace. But it’s over now, thankfully, and I’ve seen a window to write this thing. Thanks to Brenda Cox for the shot, its a beautiful photo, lets see how I can alter the perception…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Boris, Jacob, Nadine, Rishi, Dom and Suella excitedly took their seats on the small boat, the irony lost on the revellers

There was wine and beer in a wheelie suitcase on the deck, slightly warm.

“Everyone ok with 1/2 pint cups?” guffawed Boris rhetorically.

The sky ahead glowed furnace red and Nadine gushed, “Its going to be a wonderful sunset, just beautiful”

“This is just like the beaches in Rwanda” chuckled Suella.

Rishi grinned patronisingly.

Jacob waffled inanely.

From the shore Charon pulled his hood up against the biting wind, and leant on his skiff pole, watching.

Dom’s vein bulged.

Here we are, and sorry to say that such a beautiful picture got my mind racing at the metaphor of the river Styx and our present government, 100 words, none wasted, one take. Enjoy.


  1. Okay, after reading the other comments, I realized that the names of your characters are politicians, and everything else fell into place. A different, but effective, take on the prompt.


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