Feb 12th 2018

Afternoon playmates, i’m back after a rather busy weekend of work and rugby, walking and video games, food and more food. Lost keys, lottery losses but also a win in certain respects in my eyes anyway.

Foul weather came on Saturday morning as I took my boy to his footy match, the wind was biting and there was ice in the air as I stood pitch side in the dirty dirty mud, 30 minutes early for the beginning of the game. I stayed 10 minutes exchanging small talk with folk and freezing my nuts off before hopping back into the car and scooting off to Leicester to visit the nerve centre, ultra modern (ahem) HQ of the family business. A 2 room one time flat, unable to find the stop cock to flush the loo, used in the past and left. No switches on any of the plug sockets, an electric 2 bar fire with real coal glowing light effect. The computer, may or may not be used, all the books are done in pen in a ledger, payments are made by cheque, the senior directors really have no idea how to use a computer and actually think it is just an electronic typewriter… probably. I got there on time, put the fire on, hoping it wouldn’t electrocute, I switched the wall mounted electric heater on too, and within 10 minutes was cosy. My cousin arrived and we discussed much, stopping for lunch at a pretty good little micro pub 2 minutes down the road.

IMG_1788I do believe that we must be one of the few companies still functioning with a fax machine!  The only person who we could send them to is now no longer in a position to receive them, so the monster machine will have to go. E-bay or if anyone here really wants to add a little zip to their company then please don’t be shy in coming forward! What does the fax say? (Don’t bother googling this, its awful)

Again we were persuaded to get a lottery ticket between us, M was poorly so we subbed his stake and then he came down the road in the afternoon, from his sick bed to present the funds! Mrs T didn’t recognise him with the beard, Clooneyland indeed!  We didn’t win this time but, and here lies the positive, we got 1 number, which is an improvement of +1 on last week, at this rate in 6 weeks we will be multimillionaires. The number we did get correct was the number I chose so a moral victory to me I think. I did take a photo of the correct number but my name and the other numbers are plainly visible and if we are going to win i’d rather not share it with any of you followers, sorry but its how I feel.

fullsizeoutput_1048The graffiti has all been removed apart from 1 remaining post, its been sanded off and now we just have to wait to see if any more is forthcoming, it would be such a rush to catch the assailant, even more so because its got to be adult with the mind and temper of a child.

In the spirit of Educating my son in all things musical, this weekend whilst playing on a video game using headphones to speak to his mate, he was heard to utter the words, “Shall we go to the stairway to heaven?”, well need i say more, i gave him a lesson in Led Zep which turned into him leaving the room to go to his mates, Mrs T going ferry my daughter around and me being left to relax with a whole chunk of the hard stuff!

Enjoy they’ve still got it

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