Feb 13th 2018

As Withnail would say, “I’ve got a bastard behind the eyes” and no amount of protestations by my boy wishing to stay up to make pancakes is going to cut it i’m afraid. 9pm on a school night, the first school night of the week is late enough thank you very much. I am retired to my chamber.


Notice anything different about this photo folks? Anything peculiar? Anything slightly worrying? Answers on a postcard please or if anyone follows then get involved. The walk this morning was threatening rain, the wind had picked up last night and apparently rain was expected sometime this morning, more than likely when I started work. I tell you what, it did rain as I was driving to work and got progressivley worse as I stepped out of my car into the gardens and then later on the fields I was tramping around today. M had a short tale to tell today about a mouse who was bought into the house by the cat, the mouse seems to have escaped the cat’s jaws unscathed to make home, temporarily, in the piano (it was here during the discussion that all of us agreed that the piano should become the honorary mouse organ a la Bagpuss, it seemed the right thing to do). Anyway so there now exists a kind of Mexican stand off between the mouse crouching in a place of anti-cat access looking at the cat and the cat, presumably slightly pissed off, in a well ventilated area looking back at him unable to get his paw under or into the mouse’s hiding place, his sanctuary. That cat must be livid, in his plan for world domination, first of all by getting rid of the global mouse population, scuppered at the first hurdle. He hasn’t even got to the part of stealing a marker pen and secondly writing slogans which split communities. Divide and rule you cats, divide and rule.

Conversation soon turned back to the carpet stain of last week and if anything further had come of it, the carpet owner was happy, we were all relieved, and once more C’s undeniable knowledge of all things carpet came forth:

” Polypropylene you can clean, If you clean Wool , you’re full of Bull”

So a new feature called Poem of the week (it may change to month if the poems dry up) was born and congratulations to C, you are our Poet and now you know it! As well as poetry there was a fair bit of singing this walk, we were all of a tuneful disposition this morning. Discussion turned to fancy dress parties and what a pain they could be, the theme needs to be less of a strict theme it was decided to allow people to come as anything that the wanted, some may not be comfortable as a vicar or a vampire due to denominational reasons, some may not want to dress as a chicken because they are afraid of the beady eyes and the pointed pokey beaks. So on that note an idea to possibly have a fancy dress walk was mooted; this was agreed on but it was decided that the weather must improve slightly first.

I came across this earlier on in the day which makes for a really interesting browse/ read, plenty to get stuck into there me thinks! Particularly fond of number 62. If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste, you know what to do.


Good night all, the headache is still here, the nose is still blocked to buggary; is there a doctor in the house?


  1. i like st 2 mins so far of speedy J but begs the ACID question

    remember utterly butterly can this be of any consequence for a nose that is … blocked to buggary?

    and i was told last night of a chap who girls removed his nose hair with leg wax remover .. what a racus when i spill the beans on a walk


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