Feb 21st 2018

fullsizeoutput_106cFire, da da daa!!

I cut down my willow. I planted my willow about 10 years ago above the soak-away we called it the Pissy Willow, thats what it drunk. The flood came, the dam burst, the water table altered and life as it should have been returned to normal.

With cutting comes burning; 2 of my favourite things, chain saws and fire. I used both for the last 2 days and have been very conscientious regards H&S, really having a good deep think about what I am about to attempt (All due to N, he told me not to mess with shit that can kill you). So I only Hand Sawed when at the top of a ladder, I never took a chainsaw up when potentially off balance, and I rolled the willow into bundles to burn. This process has taken a long time but I think we are all better for it. I fell asleep on the bed when I came up after manly man stuff this afternoon, possibly just to change out of my tracksuit bottoms. (Keen readers can refer back to the tracksuit bottom rant and find I am absolutely justified in my actions)

fullsizeoutput_106bThats right folks, its not a massive bonfire, its a little fucking incinerator, much used and thinned, buckling inwards due to excessive heat, I think the willow will do it over, I think next week, when all is done, It’ll be time to recycle. Can anyone apart from Mrs T name the tree in this photo?

There you go, a bloody quiz to keep you going, don’t say I don’t look after you.

fullsizeoutput_106dN and D talked today of Pollarding and Coppicing, one of which is shown here and the other is what I got up to today I think, prior to the ultimate destruction of the Willow. The issue is now where to create the seasoning pile. The willow, I regret is not going be used in cricket bat manufacture, but in the maintenance of heat within the Family T household, so with this in mind we need to find an appropriate place for it to sit. This will be an ongoing debate.

fullsizeoutput_1068  I learnt today also, that a Sparrow Hawk, kills and eats where it does the deed, leaving only the residue, in this case the pigeons feathers. Today this is the

“Undisputed fact of the Day”  Well done N, good work and a fact I have no desire to check, in fact now I suspect people all over USA, India, Czec Republic, NZ, Kenya, Germany will be accepting this to be so and getting on with life, safe in the knowledge that now their life will be many times more fruitful. Well done all.

You’re very lucky not to get a drunken rant tonight, Mrs T said to me it was time for Tnex (Tea next) and so you are all saved.

May Stanley Unwin bless you all


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