March 27th 2018: Daily Prompt, Micro (2 for the price of one, its free)

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Clues as to the whereabouts of the little space men are few and far between, but if you know where the jar is, if you know what the mission is, if you like the installation, or you keep an eye on the fungal growth then you’ll find the little fellows.

Fortunately for me yesterday N very kindly gave me a chocolate bar to munch on at my leisure, I’m a slow chocolate eater; not that I suck it like someone I could mention, just nibble on the odd chunk from time to time. I’m very conscious of the chocolatey film which forms, making the saliva thicker and full of microscopic teeth attacking stuff, it’s the same principal as the dust created when I’m hacking off my tiles (as I am every night for the next week I should think, breaking for Easter). Again, it’s the little micro dust particles that get into my nose and throat. Today for a brief moment, a microment (thats my word, I made it up and I’ll use it if and when I choose) I had a small bit of tile, a shard of silica, an angle of sharp abrasive tile coating, in my eye. That hurt, but I washed it out, feels slightly as if the memory is still within the eye. Sleep will take it away.

After yesterday’s prompt, which I wrote separately from the main body of the blog, as it took my mind off my sore tummy which also had a hot water bottle resting there, today I’m going to combine the two. Like some sort of wordy alchemist (in my mind anyway, to you it probably feels a bit chaotic, may be I shouldn’t do this again?) Well just for me, I’m going to do it again and again until it feels right or it drives everyone away in droves. My rules, my blog.

So as I get stuck into this bathroom thing and as my chocolate consumption soars due to the imminent arrival of easter, lets face it we will have chocolates in the house; Jesus would have wanted us to. I’m aware of all the tiny wee micro sized little bits and bobs that unless cleaned out will cause us no end of damage and problems.

So Some Rules according to the Minister of the Ministry (listen to this kids I’ll keep swearing to a minimum)

Brush your teeth.

Wash your eyes with clean water not soapy water you massive idiots.

Don’t stick stuff in your ears.

Don’t pick your nose unless entirely necessary, blowing is probably preferable, but not so hard as you give your self a nose bleed.

Ok, that  is the advice for protection against micro items, and please be aware; I am not a doctor so this is a kind of disclaimer.

Some Micro figures there too, today I kept my feet firmly on the ground avoiding falling from the lower branches of trees. I will be climbing again, but not in wellies and not when the bark is slippy, I don’t care how rough the bark looks, (Undisputed fact of the day time) living stuff retains moisture after the rain. The woods can be a dangerous place so keep your kids on a lead.

Thats enough rubbish for one day I think. England 1-Italy 1.  A fair result and a cracking Vardy goal. Just as an aside, this is the first time we have had Day to Day, Music and Prompt as the categories. History has been made, I’m going now.


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